Light Painting Pack – 600 Dh

-6 Light painting photos

Pro Shooting Pack – 800 Dh

-15 Professional photos with a united background
-5 Exterior photos

Fun Pack – 1200 Dh

-5 Exterior photos
-10 Professional photos with a united background
-3 Light painting photos

Complete Pack – 1600 Dh

-5 Light painting photos
-15 Professional photos with a united background
-5 Exterior photos
-5 Black & White photos

 You will receive the pictures on your E-mail 24 hours after the photo session!

Morocco’s crazy family tried it and liked!

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Kech Painting studios

Light painting is photo technique in the dark that allow to use any light source to create effects

These pictures make good profile image if you have an artistic personality or if you are just goofy!
Why KechPainting?
Pictures are everywhere but most of them are boring as hell, the worst examples are those duck face selfies, ewww
 Your photographer:
Salim Boullali aka Moukass
15 years of experience in image creation, my passion of visual arts pushed me to create this photo studio and several Youtube channels.

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How it works: Models stand still in the dark while I paint them with different lights

My ambition is to help people get pictures they will be proud to show their friends.
KechPainting is a new genre is photo studios, at the smartphone age when anyone can be a photograph, we can give the picture a little more epicness without any Photoshop effect or filter.
The possibilities are infinite and this is why I am so passionated about this technique, each light has it’s “caracter” this another layer of art on top of portrait making.
See you in our studio!